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Meet Patricia 

You are used to golfing around those aches and pains.

You have been told that mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering is simply a part of life. 

You know you have more potential but can't quite figure out how to reach it.

Your suffering should not come between you and your handicap!


Says who?

Few golfers consider maintaining their health as a factor in improving their game. 

enigma7golf has created a program specifically designed to maximise your games' potential by targeting your wellbeing.


We have identified and optimised what it takes to play the best game of golf.

Our program is designed to bring out your best so that you can see long lasting improvement in your game and enjoy playing for life.

7 Steps to Golfness

enigma7golf has built this wellness program so that you can 




into your life to elevate your mind and lower your handicap

Through these 7 proven steps, enigma7golf gives you the tools to take control of your HEALTH to unlock your inner potential.


12 month money back guarantee 

We are so confident that you will LOVE E7GOLFNESS that we offer a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE POLICY!

If you are not satisfied that you learnt something to bring balance into your life by doing this program, you can simply send as a request for money back guarantee. 




Word Origin: Neologism created by Patricia Maris, November, 2018

See more synonyms for wellness, golf


1.    the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind specifically for players of the game of golf, the ability to play a round of golf without exhaustion, tiredness, soreness and muscular cramp.

2.    an approach to golf through the care of your health which emphasizes enhancing your skills in golf through the enhancement of your body’s natural abilities, defences and talents. 

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