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Meet Patricia

I've been running a successful Personal Training and Life Coaching business for over 18 years. Like many, I started under the umbrella of a large gym and moved to different ones in the search for the ideal one - for the one that had the WELLBEING of the individual in mind, above all. 

This search, together with over 30 years in the industry motivated me to create something simple yet life-changing for many in search for WELLNESS. Something beyond gender, beyond colour, beyond age. Something that could help everyone to see things from a different perspective.

So through my knowledge about WELLNESS that I have accumulated throughout the years, I have put together a segmented approach to teaching wellness. Something that is easy to implement so that my clients can become the best version of themselves.

Regardless of their level of fitness when they begin with this program, the one common element of feedback from my clients is that, for the first time, they’ve experienced a genuine and permanent lifestyle change for the better.


My passion is seeing a change in a person's performance, a change that can last a lifetime!

All her professional life, Patricia has seen thousands of examples of people embarking on diets, health improvement classes, gym membership and exercise programs which result in failure, disappointment and defeat.

This is why Patricia’s program is among the most sought-after and successful of them all. As a Wellness Strategist, and always eager to improve her own body and mind, Patricia recently took up golf… and the experience of learning, as well as observing other players, has proven how her lifestyle techniques can be used to improve the game, and the physical condition of the players.

While learning the basic moves, stances and techniques from PGA member, Shaun O’Toole, at Precision Golf. Patricia wondered how the men and women on the golf course could play the game, and enjoy it, without taking better care of their bodies.


What she observed on the golf course was typical of what’s happening in the wider world….the high incidence of ‘out of balance lives’ is having a huge collective impact on society as a whole, mental health, high levels of anxiety and depression. 


Patricia believes that "Knowledge, Health and Consistency" are the keys to self-improvement and the absence of these factors is diminishing the quality of life for so many people. Her philosophy is that until you believe you deserve a better life, you will not be able to gain the balance in life to attain the equilibrium necessary to thrive and not just survive on and off the golf course.

Patricia recognised the need to improve the bodies of golfers, as the golfer's minds are set on long-term, and not short-term goals. Your intention as a golfer is to play the game for life!

And so Patricia has developed an entire suite of wellness programs….enigma7golf …specifically for men and women golfers. This program is based on the original enigma7 protocol. As she and Shaun have come to understand,

her programs can and will take golf to the next level. The wellness level.

Few people in Australia have done more to energise the lives of people in search of a complete wellness approach to a long-lasting and fulfilled life than this Argentina-born Wellness Strategist.

The mother of three girls, Patricia has lived a life of physical, mental and emotional fitness and is now committed to using her expertise to help YOU.

Our Mission

enigma7golf is a wellness program, which has led us to GOLFNESS, a program designed to help you improve your game by bringing balance to your entire life. The E7Golf is a seven-step program, carefully designed to fit in with your existing lifestyle.


Physical Fitness isn’t necessarily Wellness. We seem to overlook the reality that bringing alignment to your body, mind, and your emotions it’s crucial to put you in a state of true wellness…and that’s much more than a session at the gym or following a generic diet plan. 

Our Promise

We will work on the seven key elements most people ignore, but which are essential to your well-being. I will hand you the tools, in 7 simple steps, to take control of your LIFE! and bring the balance you seek.

Our Commitment

To guide you, step by step through the journey of knowledge and positive change. Supporting you in your quest to achieve a state of optimal WELLBEING.