Can Willpower help you?


Willpower is a type of strength that gives you the ability to control your thoughts and behaviour. Your will is your ability to choose your own actions, so you can define willpower as a strong ability for self-determination. However, it's more than just an ability. Willpower is only willpower if your behaviours follow from your conscious decisions.

In order to get where we want in life, we need willpower.

Whether you want to become the President, want to run a marathon, or simply start hitting that ball with consistency and precision.

There seems to be this unspoken belief that the people who have willpower, were born with it. That this elite group of people have this innate ability, unlimited motivation and unwavering willpower to achieve their goals every day.

When in actual fact, this is FICTION.

We are not born with unlimited Willpower. Just like we aren’t born with a six pack.

Willpower is a muscle. We must regularly use it in order to strengthen it. We have to start small at first. Just like building muscle, you can’t go straight to the heaviest weights. But incrementally and with consistency changes will be felt.

With training, your Willpower muscle will get stronger and be able to take on more and more in your life. It is a slow and steady process, but well worth it once the changes become a habit.

Given the right conditions and challenges? Yes, Willpower can help you, in anything and everything you wish to achieve in your life. You just have to nurture it and give it the opportunity to thrive so that you can reach your potential.

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