Golfers must adapt an athletic attitude or else…

Technology is not lowering golf scores… YOU are! And if your mind, your body and your emotional state are not into alignment, it will affect your performance on and off the course.

· The US Masters at Augusta was won in 1942 by Bryon Nelson with a score of 280. In 2008, sixty-six years later, Trevor Immelman won with the same score of 280, and in 2018, seventy six years later took for someone like Patrick Reek to shake that score, a combination of technology and sheer determination.

According to Dr Bob Rotella - World's Premier Sports Psychologist – ‘Fifteen years ago the average American male golfer’s handicap was 16.2. The average female golfer’s handicap was 29. Todaythe “Official” average American male golfer’s handicap is 15.0 and the average female golfer’s handicap is 28.9.

Your body plays the game and is not until you treat your body with the upmost respect is that your score is going to improve.

The mental game of golf. Are you living without a purpose? Are you listening to your heart’s desires? Are you subconsciously influenced by what other people’s say, think and talk? Or even sing?

Would you associate yourself with an attitude similar to that of Delta Goodrem’s ‘Dear Life’ with the lyrics ‘I’m surviving’ or rather, ‘Rise’ by Katy Perry?

Positive thinking is learnt by good influences – like any good source of natural, organic food the food for your mind also needs to be cherry-picked. Become aware of what you listen to and how those lyrics resonate within you and even whether or not they stay in your head and have an impact on your mood. Do the same with people’s opinion of you.

You see subconscious influences send messages which are in every song or every negative comment that we listen to. These lyrics are a form of stimuli that makes us feel certain emotions.

You listen to Delta’s lyrics and the sad part of you may feel understood and if your life is not going that way we dig deep in our hearts and find something that is going to resonate with those lyrics... then you will be exposed to those lyrics of Katy Perry’s Rise -positive lyrics- and that sense of strength within you will come out.

But, how to block the negativity out? Well, it’s not simple and that is why this expresses to us the importance of a guided meditation; guided meditation will help you to become more;

– alert

– mindful,

– active,

– relaxed,

– focus

– present

– in touch with your own feelings.

– clear when making decisions, choices and setting goals.

So, ask yourself this, are you truly living or are you just surviving on and off the course?

Self-awareness is crucial for personal development and in this exercise you will find some of the benefits and applications of self-awareness on and off the course.

By enigma7golf |December 29th, 2018|

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