Have you stretched today?

Stretching is a major contributor that you need to incorporate in order to see improvement in your golf.

You will not be able to extend your swing and start hitting with more power and control if you do not have that range of movement in your body first!

The golf club is only an extension of what your body can do.

So, before you go out this weekend to hit some balls. Frist off, before you even leave the house, spend 15 minutes completing a few of these exercises so you can feel more nimble and loosen your body up before you head out on the course.

  1. Stand up tall and then bend forward and simply reach down to the ground. You may only be able to bend ever so slightly, don't worry about how far you can go, just focus on the stretch of your lower back and hamstrings. Stay in control of your movement.

Once you have made it to your limit, take a deep full breath in, hold, and release. As you release your breath try and bend over little further.

Hold stretch for no less than 20 seconds.

2. This one will test your balance a little bit. So stand next to a wall or table so you can rely on it if you need to.

Start by standing tall and bend one leg up behind you, grab your foot with the same side hand. Once you've got a hold of your foot, find your balance and take a deep breath in. Pull your heel towards your bottom. You should feel this stretch in your quads

Hold stretch for no less than 20 seconds, more if you feel the need to stretch for longer. Then swap sides.

3. Maybe find a lower wall than the men in the picture for this one.

Simply find a bench or retaining wall and rest one of your feet on it.

Keep your back nice and straight and bend forward at the hips. You should feel this one in your hamstrings, only bend as far as your body will allow.

Don't force it.

Once you have reached your capacity. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale stretch a little further.

Hold this for no less than 20 seconds.

Stretching is so important to keeping your body flexible and moving.

You may start out only being able to stretch a little bit, but over time your body will adapt and feel much more limber.

Consistency is key with stretching.

Just 15 minutes every morning is a sure fire way to stay on track to lowering your handicap.

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